Wearable Technology: A Ghost Story

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Video from Eyebeam Panel at the New School, Oct. 27, 2014





Talk on New Media Art and the Art World

I’ll be part of the Leonardo Panel “Navigating the Digital Divide” at 5:30 PM Thursday, February 12 at the Hilton in New York, Part of the College Art Association Annual Meeting.

See description of the panel at:


Interview with Diffus Design about Wearable Technology Design Concepts

Diffus Design–Michel Guglielmi and Hanne-Louise Johannsen, is based in Copenhagen. It concerns itself with bringing together technology and traditional crafts.

Interview can be found here: https://www.academia.edu/10033103/Interview_with_Diffus_Design_Michel_Guglielmi_and_Hanne-Louise_Johannsen

Read about their Design Strategies here:


Wearable Discourses: Susan Elizabeth Ryan Interviewed by Rebecca Louise Breuer and Geert Lovink

An interview regarding Garments of Paradise will appear in the British journal Critical Studies in Fashion and Beauty and is being pre-released on the Institute of Network Cultures and Nettime websites.