Electric Heart by Suzi Webster @ ISEA

I was happy to see this wearable tech at in Vancouver. #ISEA2015


Electric heart allows wearer to display & enjoy the heartbeat of a distant beloved.

Wish there had been more wearable tech at the conference.

Thanks Suzi!


Meeting Kate Hartman’s Monarch

At the Lively Objects Opening, Museum of Vancouver @ISEA2015


It was worn by Boris Kourtoukov of the Social Body Lab http://socialbodylab.com

Monarch is a harness with wing-like shoulder enhancements that render the wearer more fearsome. The structures expand and contract in response to sensors on the arm reading muscle movement so they mimic a “fight or flight” posturing.  It is an example of an expressive wearable that addresses human interactions and public display, not just (like so much wearable tech) online communication and consumption.