Wave Dress at BMFA #techstyle exhibition

Rather than Hokusai’s The Great Wave–and more interesting–the dress conjures up Fukushima and the tsunami, 5 years ago last week. What’s the connection between advancing technology and rising waters?

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 12.01.38 PM

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The Holy Dress

The exhibition Coded Couture at Pratt Institute gallery in New York is a great exploration of what is becoming a bigger field–the thoughtful investigation and interrogation of what “wearable technology” is actually capable of. Melissa Coleman’s mind-blowing Holy Dress (with Joachim Rotteveel and Leoni Smelt) is a dress as a gilded cage that delivers a jolt–literally an electric shock–to its wearer based a process of creating narratives monitored by lie detector technology embedded in the piece. Wow. Pain and pleasure.


The electrical¬† charge of this “overdress” creates little light flashes across the dress that my iPhone camera can’t capture. On the mannequin, a programmed array of flashes runs. We have to imagine the shocks.